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I am experienced in facilitating outdoor learning, with children of all ages and with adults. I have designed and delivered a broad range of workshops and programmes in outdoor settings. I am a qualified Level 3 Forest School Leader.


I focus on learner-centred experiences and I can offer any combination of the following:


  • Bushcraft skills i.e. fire making, knife work
  • Natural crafts i.e. willow weaving, environmental art
  • Sensory activities
  • Cooking over campfires
  • Shelter building

I work as a gardener for private clients and with community groups. I have designed and created a number of gardens for growing food. I use permaculture design and I have experience of forest gardens, annual food growing, composting systems, creating raised beds and ornamental plants.


I work closely with the client or community group to understand needs and can offer:


  • create garden designs
  • implementation plans
  • carry out practical implementation
  • deliver workshops on growing
  • garden maintainance

I have extensive experience of working with schools as a practitioner. I have developed education programmes for schools and designed and delivered workshops on:


  • Outdoor learning and nature connection
  • Gardening
  • Composting
  • Water saving
  • Food growing
  • Wildlife habitats
  • Forest School
  • Waste and recycling

Permaculture is a holistic design system that aims to be regenerative by learning from nature. Originally applied to food growing as an alternative to modern agriculture, permaculture is now applied to a broad range of design. It is underpinned by ethics and uses the way nature works in the design methods.


I use permaculture design across my work and can offer permaculture design consultancy. I have delivered a range of permaculture workshops and courses. I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate in 2011 with Patrick Whitefield Associates and I am currently working on my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

I have experience of facilitating workshops and training, including the design, development and delivery and producing learning resources. I am able to run sessions on:


  • Sustainability and environmental education
  • Permaculture
  • Forest Gardens
  • Food Growing
  • Cooking
  • Outdoor skills
  • Training for educators
  • Arts and crafts

I love creating and making things with my hands. I have worked in a range of arts and crafts disciplines with groups. I am particularly interested in natural crafts and using waste materials. I can run workshops on:


  • Willow weaving
  • Environmental art
  • Sewing
  • Upcycled crafts

I am a freelance consultant offering services across the arts, cultural and sustainability education sectors. I can provide the following:


  • Programme design and delivery
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Evaluation work